Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Sirikandi programme for women only?


Malaysian women are severely underrepresented in the political sector. All of the 13 states in Malaysia have failed to achieve at least 30% women’s representation in their respective legislative assemblies. Thus, this programme aims to intentionally increase women’s political participation. In addition, the programme also intends to create a safe space for young women to explore the political sector. 

What is the duration of this programme?


Sirikandi is a three-months programme which will kickstart from 25 September until 4 December.

Who are the organisers?


Sirikandi is organised by 111 Initiative, a campaign powered by Undi18, in collaboration with The Canadian Government, as part of The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.

Who can apply? 


Young women aged 18 to 35 across Malaysia, especially those from underrepresented communities, are encouraged to apply! Ideally, we are looking for applicants who are interested in involving themselves in politics as this programme aims to equip the participants with the necessary skills to explore and enter the political sector. 


Can I still apply although I am currently overseas?


Malaysians living abroad are welcomed to apply as Sirikandi is a virtual programme. However, please take note of the time differences that would apply for the workshops.


How many workshops are there?


There are 6 workshops in total. It is mandatory for every participant to attend at least 4 workshops. Participants are allowed to excuse themselves from a maximum of 2 workshops of their choosing, with permission obtained from the organisers. 


What languages will the workshops be in?


The workshops will be conducted in either Bahasa Malaysia or in English. 

What are some of the important dates?


The deadline to register for Sirikandi is 12 September. All applicants will be notified through email by 20 September 2021. 

Are there any programme fees?


Nope! This programme will be conducted for free throughout the three-months period. 

Can I receive subsidies if I am unable to financially support my data usage?


Yes, data subsidies are available upon request. 

What are the expectations of participants in the programme?


All participants must attend at minimum four workshops out of the six on offer, along with the panel discussion. Once the programme is complete, we also expect our participants to complete any ONE of the following tasks: join a political party, intern or volunteer for a politician or run a relevant community project in their area. 

Please note that it is not an expectation for participants to establish their own projects during this programme. 

How long will each session last and what time do they start?


Most workshops will last for around two hours, although this can vary. The panel session will be slightly over two hours. 

The workshops will alternate between starting in the morning and afternoon. So Workshops 1, 3 and 5 will begin at 10am and Workshops 2, 4 and 6 will begin at 2pm.

Who can I reach out to if I have further questions?


You can drop us an email at and send over your questions.