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APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED: Organised by 111 Initiative, Sirikandi is a three-month series of online capacity-building workshops for beginners, targeting 100 young Malaysian women aged 18-35 years old, to introduce them to the current Malaysian political landscape and to empower them in the art of community leadership. This programme is designed for beginners who are interested to explore and get involved in local politics! 

We are looking for a diverse group of 100 young women aged 18 - 35 to join the programme! Our goal is for equal representation from all regions across Malaysia which include women from various backgrounds of Orang Asli and Orang Asal, Persons with Disabilities and so on. 

Sirikandi aims to equip young women with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in public service. As female politicians make up only 14.4% of the Malaysian parliament, we recognise there are barriers women encounter which hinder them from entering politics. Through this programme, we hope to empower our participants to actively participate in local politics and help uplift other women in their respective communities. 

We are looking for a diverse group of 100 young Malaysian women aged 18 to 35 to join our beginner programme! Our objective is to ensure all regions across the country are equally represented. This is inclusive of Orang Asli, Orang Asal, Persons with Disabilities and so on. 

At the end of the programme, participants are expected to apply their newfound skills and knowledge by completing at least one of the following:

Join a political party of your choosing

Become a political intern or volunteer for a politician of your choosing

Support a local politician by running a relevant community project in their area


Understanding the Political Landscape in Malaysia

Broaden your knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of politics, including political theories, philosophies, histories and structures. 


Networking and Mentoring Opportunities

Have the chance to network with 100 like-minded young women across the country and be mentored by young women leaders. Through the panel session, there will also be an opportunity to learn from experienced female politicians.


Learning and developing new skills

The various workshops on offer have been carefully selected to equip our participants with important leadership skills and knowledge about Malaysian politics.